Artist Teacher Scheme 2015 Day 1 

Today I met three other artists who are going to play an important role in shaping where my work goes next; we are all participants in the ATS scheme which will culminate in an exhibition at NAGW in July 2016. We will be guided/ challenged/ mentored along the way by other inspirational people. Today it was the turn of course leader Elena Thomas, NAGW gallery director Zoe Renilson and artist Lucy McLauchlan.    

Reflections on sharing our initial ideas and preoccupations included just how personal and essential to us as creative people this process is. Will our preconceived and visualised images be realised or will the dynamics of working together allow something as yet unimagined to bear fruit?

‘Connections’ remain an important theme for me and the following quote about ‘the invisible red string’ intrigues me. Mapping, marking place, impermanence and soul connections are at the forefront of my mind.

Having done a backstage tour of NAGW the surface qualities of the concrete walls struck a chord with me; the marks made by casting were tactile.  

My thoughts turn to the concrete/textile surfaces co-engineered by Trish Belford with Tactility Factory. Casting here I come?    


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