Artist Teacher Scheme Day Two 

Another inspiring building for our second day together, with a chance to look around the excellent space and printmaking facilities. After a train journey noticing concrete in it’s various forms and states of weathering it felt exciting to be walking up the steps of Margaret Street sixteen years after being there to train as a teacher. 

Today a different empty space greeted us and we all reflected how we felt the same sense of excitement and nerves being faced with something new. Sarah Goudie spoke eloquently about her inspiration and the deconstruction of her drawing process. We were guided to continue the visual dialogue we had started yesterday so for me the composition of the circle became a marker for spaces that I wanted to link. My ‘drawing in space’ became a physical representation of my interaction with the hole-marked wall and then extended to involve others present. The ‘red thread’ found a place which could mark the energy lines not visible to the eye. 

As the afternoon progressed it was fascinating to ‘read’ the lines that everyone had drawn and my usual curiosity surfaced as to what would happen if we swapped ownership? A few circles happened to ‘leak out’ and join others work! 

The closing stage of the workshop led me to think about how you could record the lines made by the work if they were removed. Photographing the shapes in the structure helped me to isolate key areas of line and form to focus on: 

 Tonight’s homework is to respond to the workshop; I have produced a set of drawings to incorporate tomorrow. To be continued……


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