Artist Teacher Scheme Day Three

Today was a challenge. Not the practical activities but the place it has taken me. Working together in the morning we added to the drawing structures from yesterday; the outcome became a cohesive and three dimensional series of marks and spaces, a playful experience and one approached with camaraderie.    

The process of making marks in space in this way allowed a dialogue and dissection of the internal processes in all of us. An observation that came up was about how removed from our original ‘intentions’ to develop personal work some of this process had become. 

The second outcome of the day involved physical mark making and interaction with a large roll of paper and sound bites. We soon began a collaborative visual journey using coffee and tea as our principal media with folding and ripping to distort the paper. As this process unfolded, interaction with the paper surface became more tactile and about touch as well as visual composition.    

I found this process totally immersive and it felt totally natural to share the process with Melanie and Chris. For me the folding became reminiscent of pattern cutting and textile construction – how the marks became fragmented through this process was visually pleasing (cue purr moment!) It also had the qualities of Japanese calligraphy which I love. 

The sticking point came for me when we had to write; this sent me into a real ‘out of comfort zone’ moment. I think maybe because I found myself so immersed in the work I didn’t want to start using my left brain, not sure.    

 In adding words to the drawing I wanted to convey pairs of important points- in a way I feel now like what I wrote doesn’t matter but the massive thing that has struck me today is how vulnerable I now feel. Where I flippantly thought on day one that this was about deciding upon ‘what’ I should be drawing/making etc I have discovered it goes way deeper than that. Eek. ‘Deeper down the rabbit hole, never to be found again..’ as the song currently playing goes….. 

So let’s see what tomorrow brings! 

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