#(un)intentional drawing #redthread 

 This morning’s dew reveals the normally unseen webs of my garden’s resident spiders- beautiful to behold and intriguing to think that these ‘drawings’ can only be seen when it is damp weather. 

The intersecting trails of thread criss-crossing the garden remind me of drawing in space with Sarah Goudie back in July. 

Ever-interested in the #redthread proverb this morning’s collaboration starts with my garden’s spiders:


#urbanmarker work in progress

Exploring unintentional drawing marks made on uneven road surfaces; looking at techniques to fragment and break up the surface tension through creasing the fabric before printing on it. Playing with after print as well as drawing into screen printed shapes.   

Examining working in sequence (as with the concertina sketchbook in #Drawingaugust). The beginning of a twenty metre long drawing…..   


Taking focal points from this into smaller print compositions using the circle as a marker:



 The penny dropped today while driving to work- what am I trying to achieve through making art? Apart from satisfying the essential need to make it? 

I am trying to use drawing to get other people to give their attention, not to me as the maker or mischievous perpetrator, but to the moment, to their physical presence and place at that moment in time….to notice. 

I am not interested in permanence or representational imagery or in making work to be sold. I am also starting to question my ‘footprint’ as an artist in the selection of what I use in the process. 


‘You are here’. 

Except most of the time we are so preoccupied that we are not. 

Lost Found – a sense of place? 

Still pondering the question of where does what I make belong? Through the experiments with concrete last month I was asking myself what happens to them next – unneeded drawings can be recycled, canvasses left in public to find a new home…..concrete a more permanent material, does it ultimately end up in a landfill? 

A lost roof tile, picked up when I was researching and collecting weeds for Concrete Nature- part of a derelict canal side mill. Ultimately destined to be knocked down I would imagine, but fascinating nonetheless. No longer important- an eyesore to some and probably now invisible to others.  

I returned this tile home today and put it back- immediately two people walked past and didn’t notice it. But I quite like that, and maybe the one person that does may just wonder why? 


 The question I am pondering is….what to take? 

My original idea was to make a piece of work to donate, something like the Black Lines response about mapping and place. Fallen pieces of roof tile from the canal side derelict flour mill seemed ideal:  

In the process of making this piece I discovered that I had misplaced my now-very-significant reel of red thread which made me realise how much I value it. 

And so the answer presented itself…. 

In exchange for my reel of thread Stephen Carley marked my hand with a cross in black marker and gave me a balloon with a cross on it – ‘X marks the spot’. My object was archived and listed:    

What interests me is the dynamics of exchange; Stephen has given me two things to take away and those now hold value in steering my next work.  

The other ‘exchange’ today came from ceramicist Zee at the gallery, she gave me my new red thread in the form of elastic; fortuitous as it fits with my thoughts on using forces to make marks. Excited is an understatement!  

Today has confirmed to me the importance of connections in me making art and that allowing synchronicity to shape what happens next feels right.   

Present Absent sequence painting #paintseptember

Still exploring the physical interaction we have with mobile phones; looking at mark making using brush and spray that reflects the repetitive movements we make when using our phone. I am also interested in conveying the emotional investment we have in connecting with others via our phones, the frustration of awaiting a reply, the hurt feeling from a misinterpreted comment, the incessant checking whether your message has been read by another- all of these behaviours that are linked with using our phones to communicate. 


Presentabsent 11- ‘hurt’ 

Presentabsent 12- ‘wait’  


Black Squares collaboration call-out 

‘Black Squares, Black Lines and Black Magic’ – a request by artist David Smith for four inch square responses to this theme for him to assimilate and work with in his exhibition in November: 
So, my thoughts? Black lines – maps – life’s path – palm lines. I found a piece of vintage map to work onto as I wanted some of the map lines to echo the lines of the palm; I am fascinated by the dynamics of collaboration and this idea will connect creative work across places as well as minds. It will be intriguing to see how individual pieces of work will inform ‘the whole’.  

Mapping and connections being two preoccupations of mine, the circle symbolises marking a place; ‘you are here’.  

Playing with the surface qualities of different types of paint has been my most recent tangent so this piece uses acrylic, spray paint and rust (iron oxide paint). 

 Thread has become something of a trademark material for me recently, hence the inclusion of the pin: 


So next to post this off and wait to see the magic in November……watch this space! 

Front, 4×4″