The question I am pondering is….what to take? 

My original idea was to make a piece of work to donate, something like the Black Lines response about mapping and place. Fallen pieces of roof tile from the canal side derelict flour mill seemed ideal:  

In the process of making this piece I discovered that I had misplaced my now-very-significant reel of red thread which made me realise how much I value it. 

And so the answer presented itself…. 

In exchange for my reel of thread Stephen Carley marked my hand with a cross in black marker and gave me a balloon with a cross on it – ‘X marks the spot’. My object was archived and listed:    

What interests me is the dynamics of exchange; Stephen has given me two things to take away and those now hold value in steering my next work.  

The other ‘exchange’ today came from ceramicist Zee at the gallery, she gave me my new red thread in the form of elastic; fortuitous as it fits with my thoughts on using forces to make marks. Excited is an understatement!  

Today has confirmed to me the importance of connections in me making art and that allowing synchronicity to shape what happens next feels right.   

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