Black Squares collaboration call-out 

‘Black Squares, Black Lines and Black Magic’ – a request by artist David Smith for four inch square responses to this theme for him to assimilate and work with in his exhibition in November:
So, my thoughts? Black lines – maps – life’s path – palm lines. I found a piece of vintage map to work onto as I wanted some of the map lines to echo the lines of the palm; I am fascinated by the dynamics of collaboration and this idea will connect creative work across places as well as minds. It will be intriguing to see how individual pieces of work will inform ‘the whole’.  

Mapping and connections being two preoccupations of mine, the circle symbolises marking a place; ‘you are here’.  

Playing with the surface qualities of different types of paint has been my most recent tangent so this piece uses acrylic, spray paint and rust (iron oxide paint). 

 Thread has become something of a trademark material for me recently, hence the inclusion of the pin:

So next to post this off and wait to see the magic in November……watch this space! 

Front, 4×4″