‘Scenius’ c/o David Smith

You know when you read something and your brain goes ‘ping- that’s what I was trying to express’? Well David Smith has done just that in his blog when describing the energy of Twitter, which is something relatively new to me but has become a powerful ‘dice-thrower’ in the game of chance that is my ‘practice’:

I love the idea that groups of creative people are coming together through Twitter to create “ecologies of talent”, what Brian Eno refers to as “scenius”, the talent of a community (genius being the talent of an individual) where all sorts of people with a range of skills, abilities and facilities combine and contribute to enable great art and ideas to emerge.

I just had to share that thought!

See http://davidsmithartist.net/the-binding-grid-of-creative-connection/ for full post.

I’ve found my way!

Moss covered brick
Moss covered brick

Today the penny dropped and what were separate ‘bits’ of ideas, experiments with process, thoughts on what is the essence of my ‘practice’, the many possibilities and inspirations……all of these things converged in one place- at Brindley Village on Cannock Chase. I am a prolific ‘maker’ and since I dedicated more time to engaging with my own practice, there have been a handful of different preoccupations running through my work. The role of synchronicity has played a part in steering the direction taken, and has led me to this point. Now I intend to make a longer term commitment to beginning a dialogue with this place that I can see will take me forward in all of the ways that I wanted to go. Exciting.

Print swap #printoctober

Collaboration always excites me; adding the ‘unknown’ into the direction you may take with a set of work pushes you to new places. In fact I have come to realise how central it is to the recent work that I have been making. 

This month I have been responding to urban surfaces, specifically inspired by Sheffield. My aim is to explore print processes and push the outcome. I am not interested in making something that goes in a frame…..it is the ‘what next’ part that intrigues me.

Part of the next step is exchanging prints with another artist to see where that takes us both. Here’s what we are swapping, now I’m excited for the post to arrive next week!