Displaced -collaboration begins 

  This month the magic begins…. after a non-productive hiatus in January involving much soul searching about the future, I am glad to see the beginnings of this collaboration. And the agreement not to share images of work produced along the way is an interesting one to follow….so far all I have visually reflected upon is processes that are jostling their way to the front. 

My part in the collaboration is to respond to two ‘places’ each month, as it was necessary to ‘make up the numbers’ so that we can all participate in four pieces of work each before the work is collected back together. Having spent the last few months coming up against a stumbling block in legitimising my response to the old war hospital site it is energising to be the recipient of two very different ‘puzzles’. 

My dialogue with each of the ‘places’ I have been sent is a weaving of current preoccupations and a push to explore and question new ways to share my response; a vehicle to move away from the stumbling block and look afresh at what ‘response’ is. And the main point of setting this brief was to examine the removal of context in responding to a place- none of us know the background or significance of the place that has been chosen for us to be inspired by. 

Oo the fun is only just beginning! 

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