Dis:placed Month 1

I am going to limit my blog to talking about/ showing process rather than final outcomes, as we have agreed as a group not to share images of the work that we will be sending on to the next artist during the course of the ‘Dis:placed’ collaboration. That in itself causes a different slant to the internal discourse, as I have become used to sharing outcomes regularly with Twitter followers and the Artist Teacher group.

What has come up for me is a filtering of processes, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to ‘collecting’ techniques and approaches to recording from an object. Maybe it’s the printmaker in me but whenever I approach something new I immediately set about finding ways to extract ‘markmaking’ from it- casting, rubbings, printing, photographing….numerous ways of getting something to talk to you.

From drawing to manipulating surface qualities, I have found that digital development is starting to feature more prominently in the process that I am using; video and projection are relatively new media to me but are starting to appear in my approach to pushing a drawing further.

Video and projection 1

Video and projection 2

I have two sets of objects to respond to this month and it will be interesting to see how I can develop the role of digital media in this process further…..



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