To share or not to share…

I am two months in to a six month collaboration with ten other artists . My practice has become more about being present and mindful of the ‘process’ of having a ‘practice’. So I set a brief and shared it with others to play with the idea of context or place (see earlier posts). And what I am discovering through being part of this collaboration is the fundamental need to share, to show what your response has been, and that makes me curious. We have agreed to limit ‘sharing’ images via social media of work in progress to a minimum so as not to disrupt the process of the collaboration. That limitation has been difficult for me as I am a compulsive ‘sharer’; I have never really questioned why before but now I am. 

I am not interested in having a commercial practice, in having a brand or product. I am not really that interested in galleries. I wonder therefore what motivates the need to ‘share’. I know that I have made links with others who have similar preoccupations through seeing the world through their eyes/work. Maybe that’s the reason? To validate something undefinable? Still mulling it over….

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