Augmented Reality

As part of Twitter Art Exhibition 2019 artists have been invited to try AR technology as a different aspect to add to a still image. Here is my TAE19 image along with the AR process demonstrated by Trevor Jones of CreativMuse; I chose to talk about the inspiration for my work but I can see how this medium has bigger potential to be explored further….

Ghost Buildings II

I am starting to get into a flow now in this large scale drawing series; being introduced to Derwent XL graphite/charcoal blocks has allowed me to experiment and push the surface qualities evident in the derelict buildings I find so intriguing.

Having shaped my recent practice around my full time job and family, my work has become smaller and digital but still about accidental markmaking and print surfaces. I am really enjoying the freedom of gesture in working large scale and realise the sensory process of creating drawing needs that tactile experience to feel fully immersive.

Now that my garage wall has a space large enough for the Atlantis ‘giant’ watercolour paper I think that the fun is just beginning….