#paintseptember Present/ Absent

Initial sketches:

These are just scribbles at this stage as ideas are forming about how we engage with our mobile phones and how that could be ‘drawn’. My thoughts are still on the idea of connections but also on the role of the ego in sharing images of your work as an artist and the physical process involved in that, in uploading images and looking at other people’s views of what you have done.

I am interested in attachment/ non attachment to the outcome of making art; this is probably why I have been leaving work out as part of #freeartfriday over the last year for strangers to find. Zen calligraphy and the state of mindfulness that is achieved through being in the senses when drawing is a core preoccupation of mine. We spend a lot of time interacting with our mobile devices but how much of that time are we ‘present’?

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