#DrawingAugust 2015: The Invisble Red Thread

The preoccupation with thread as a drawing material started in July 2015 on a drawing workshop with artists Sarah Goudie and Elena Thomas; how could we draw in a three dimensional space using only ‘found’ materials?

My aim became how to ‘mark’ my interaction with the space and then others interaction with me. Of course, the circle featured as a main motif (when doesn’t it!) but in this context as a ‘marker’ of where I had looked, where I had stood.

A day or so previous to this workshop I had read the following quote which resonated with me and on this day, with the work that I was making:

Image courtesy of kindleyourflame Tumblr
Image courtesy of kindleyourflame Tumblr

From marking out space I was also interested in the connections that we had made energetically; how can these connections be ‘drawn’ and what mark does an ‘invisible thread’ leave? All of these preoccupations led to my work for this year’s #DrawingAugust on Twitter.

Process features prominently in my work, I have always been interested in surfaces and being a mother of two, in quick ways of working to create drawings. The drawing in space workshop allowed me to widen my notions of what a drawing is; it is the space it occupies, the surface it sits on, the photograph that it is in. Through the exploration of the Chinese proverb I found ways to make marks in a less traditional manner than using pencil on paper, I wanted to push myself into a different way of working. For me, the drawings became a record of a moment in time, not something intentionally permanent. Interesting that now that August is over I am contemplating whether to put the ‘drawings’ into a sketchbook……or not? They exist as a set of images on Twitter, and here, how would they read a series of images in a book format? I guess we will see.

Drawings produced as a sequence in concertina sketchbook:

So what next? I have been using the process of casting in concrete to make work about urban wildlife (see Concrete Nature) and this is a preoccupation that will run for the longer term. I have found the process of making work for #DrawingAugust has helped me to become more focused on the present moment. This awareness of the space around a drawing and the process of recording it and sharing it in #DrawingAugust has led me to look at my IPhone and the marks made in regularly using it. A part of the process of being an artist is baring your soul through what you produce and then showing that to others invariably creates a role for the ‘ego’ in wanting what you have produced to be ‘liked’. It is this process that I would like to record next through drawing, so thank you #DrawingAugust!

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