Fellowship Exhibition @35chapelwalk #Sheffield

A day spent in Sheffield visiting ‘X Marks the Spot’ exhibition at 35 Chapel Walk by Stephen Carley was an afternoon of ideas being created and fused; one of those moments where suddenly direction becomes clear. I am inspired by the traces we leave, as buildings once inhabited become derelict, as road surfaces become weathered and crumble; the marks made by our everyday existence and often ignored or simply not noticed. As a textile print graduate process has always fascinated me, combining media on a surface to see what accidental marks or effects can be produced. More recently, as a student on the Artist Teacher Scheme at BCU, questions come about as my practice evolves. I am not interested in producing work for commercial purposes, in the past I’ve been happy to leave my work in the public for a stranger to pick up and take home (#freeartfriday). I have become more conscious of the ‘footprint’ we have as makers and the real value being in the making and not the outcome.

So being asked by Zee at 35 Chapel Walk if I wanted to include a ‘small body of work’ for the Fellowship Exhibition seemed a prime way to steer my work over the last four or five weeks, to explore the impression made on me by my first visit to Sheffield. This has enabled me to experiment with combining different media in print and painting, in breaking up the surface to fragment images, in layering prints together on transparencies. The three outcomes respond to the two places that inspired me most- Arundel Gate NCP car park floor, and the peeling paintwork on the Salvation Army Citadel building.

I also wanted to take the symbol of a X that was drawn onto my hand by Stephen Carley as part of his exhibition and use this image in the work. My obsession with circles as a focal point, the idea of drawing a ring around something that you want people to give their attention to, seemed to ‘fit’ with the same premise of marking an image, a place with an X.

Piece 1: Floor circles: 75cm square perspex paintings to be set onto the floor and linked by black tape

Piece 2: Fabric drop 3m weed control fabric printed with acrylic pigment, gloss paint, road paint

Piece 3: Window circles: 20cm acetate transparencies of monoprints to be set onto the window

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