Ghostbuildings inspired by the RAF

My interest in Brindley Village on Cannock Chase in 2014, which was triggered by becoming intrigued with the small amount of post-war remains there, was the starting point for me focussing on derelict locations in my work.

Since then I have been able to develop a more drawing based practice that still takes inspiration from forgotten sites, many of which were military in purpose.

I feel now that I have refined my inspiration I am able to explore a mixed media approach to recording the often eerie atmosphere at these abandoned sites. I am keen to document how the character of a building can change through the process of abandonment and dereliction, yet develop a quality of intrigue to people ‘wondering’ and curious about the memories held in the fabric of the site.

I have been collaborating with artist Mark Lippett on the theme of military sites and specifically the Cold War base at RAF Upper Heyford; we are looking at exhibiting a joint exhibition together in 2020 so there is still much to do….