# roadfinds Rust Printing

Still a firm believer in synchronicity I came across a rusty manhole in my street that was going to be thrown out….well that was a gift too good to resist! Using calico and cotton fabric I soaked these in tea to produce tannin as a mordant and left them to pick up the rust marks. On the calico piece I also used white wine vinegar to bring out the red oxide from the manhole.

Interested in pursuing this further I have now started looking at how this process can work on paper. As part of #printoctober I have exchanged printed surfaces with Sarah Wills Brown which were inspired by a metal trunk. At the moment I am exploring mark-making from rusty fastenings onto the prints that Sarah has sent me, here’s the work in progress so far:

I have to say that using this process ‘feels’ right to me and suits my love of experiment and accident. Coincidence or not I came across a pile of rusty metal left at the side of the road; a sprung mattress and other metal objects which had obviously been outside for a long time, what a find! These objects were printed using tea onto yellow cotton this time, and I also reprinted the manhole cover as part of this series of #roadfinds.

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